Deskonocidos ‎"En La Oscuridad" LP -  Todo Destruido ‎& Trabuc Records

Deskonocidos ‎"En La Oscuridad" LP - Todo Destruido ‎& Trabuc Records

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“Spanish-language punk/goth downers from Austin, TX, rockin’ in fine cause with grit, fury and determination. En La Oscuridad has the screamin’ vocals you’d expect from the punk/HC community they inhabit, but also plenty of flange pedal and ominous chord phrasing, running for the mid-tempo brooding of barely-hidden Bob Smith fandom employed by stressed out, desperate-sounding bands in a lineage that includes Honor Role, the underrated Crime Desire, hell even the Pack and UK Decay.

There’s always room for more bummers when they are captured with this much passion and nasty noise, and that they don’t trade off one for the other makes me personally happy to endorse Deskonocidos – they’re not HC kids who decided to turn dark, and they’re not trying to be the next Interpol, but rather mixing two traditional sounds on the surface and letting their inner turmoil and proven punk songwriting mechanics take it the rest of the way. Really good record, definitely packing it in the crate for goth night. First hundred or so on “putty” marbled vinyl, 500 pressed, nearly gone so hurry up.”
                                                               -  Doug Mosurock (Dusted Magazine)